What life coaching is not...

It is not therapy.

It is not a quick fix to all of life’s problems.

It is not someone who helps you justify your actions to make you feel better.

It is not someone who will do it for you.

What life coaching is...

Coaching is a partnership between a professional and an individual who wants to change.  Just as athletic coaches help athletes analyze their sports technique, a life coach helps a person evaluate his or her current actions and their outcomes. 

Life coaches assist in fine-tuning skill sets to achieve desired goals.  A life coach is a personal consultant to help evaluate plans of action and potential pitfalls before they take place.


More effective than traditional therapy...

Life coaches are different from therapists and counselors because they do not spend valuable time exploring past root causes of personality.  Life coaches develop realistic plans that are achievable.  Life coaches are results-driven.

Do or do not

There is no 'try'.


Coaching Philosophy

The role of a life coach is to assist you in achieving your desired goals.  This is accomplished by taking an honest assessment of your current situation and determining where you wish to go, then developing a plan of action which addresses hot spots and challenges to your success.

Specially-Suited for Teens

Life coaching is specifically well-suited for teenagers because they are usually resistant to traditional therapy.  Because of the positive focus on success, rather than a focus on his or her problems, the teen is motivated to attend sessions.  As teens meet with on-going success, parents and loved ones begin to see changes in attitude.  Life coaching focuses on the strengths of an individual, rather than on his or her current problems.  Individuals who use life coaches look forward to meeting with their coach, because they know the time spent will be productive. Please read our testimonials to learn what parents and teens have said about our life coaching services.


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