I was hanging out with the wrong crowd, dropped out of school, and nothing positive was in my life.  I learned many skills such as
decision- making, self-motivation, and learning how to form positive friendships.

-Gary, 17, Client, Palm Beach, Florida

Kyle has finally come down the right road and is really a joy to have around. I guess the trip to Alaska opened his eyes to many truths and he seems able to get on with his life now. I'm thrilled and still give lots of credit to you for helping him become whole. Best wishes now and always and do stay in touch if you can.

-Lynne and Ridge, Parents, Concord, New Hampshire

Thank you so much for every thing you have done for me!  I will always be thankful.

-Courtney, 15, Client, Winter Springs, FL

The biggest difference we continue to see in David is significant improvement in his anger management, his patience and his acceptance of things he does not want to do or like to do.  The lack of eruptions is pleasantly notable.

-Sue, Parent, Altamonte Springs, FL

I was having bad relationships with my family and I was struggling and failing in school.  Now I am able to achieve the career I want which is Computer System Analyst.

-Tim, 17, Client, Melbourne, Florida

They care and want to see us succeed and do well because they know all of us have the potential to do so. 

-Samantha, 16, Client, Winter Park, Florida

I'm an aunt to your recent client, Robert.  Robert came to visit us in Ohio...and I just wanted to extend my thanks to you.  I was totally blown away and excited by the changes in Robert.  He talked a lot about his experiences and what he learned, particularly from Mark. Not only has he advanced academically, but his confidence and self-expression were wonderful to see.  I realize, and more importantly Robert realizes he's still traveling down the road to become the best person he can be.  My brother and sister-in-law hope to be able to foster the environment Robert needs to continue on his journey.  I'm hopeful they all make the effort necessary to succeed as a family. Thanks again for being a part of the positive changes Robert's life.

-Michelle, Aunt of Client, Ohio

He is doing 200% better.  I was wondering though if you could work on something for me as a MOM and wife!

-Brenda, Parent, Ventura, California

Again, THANK YOU ALL FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE DONE AND ALL THAT YOU DO!! Really that is not enough, and I can not express in words my thankfulness to all of you!

-Cheryl, Parent, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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